All the extra stuff.


Wait! Before You Reblog The Thing With Your Added Commentary


Ask yourself a few questions.

- Do I actually care about the issue? Or more about being right?

- Would I listen to myself if I someone wrote exactly what I was about to write?

- Would I say it to this person’s face?  Really?  I mean really?

- Is there a better way I can say this?

- Can I just sit on this for thirty minutes to think about it?

- Am I making big presumptions about this person’s intentions?  Do they really have the evil motives I think they do?  Are they really the one-dimensional villain I’m portraying them to be?

- Am I just piggybacking off a popular blogger?

- Am I getting hung up on semantics or an innocuous word?

- Am I diminishing their post by setting up a weak parody of their argument, aka straw-man?

- Should I privately message this person to ask what they really mean?

- Could this person actually be right about a few things and isn’t totally wrong? 

- When was the last time I ate?

- Am I just being a total a-hole right now?

- How can I use my blog for the good of humanity?

- Should I take a nap first?

- Should I maybe roll back my chair or get off my phone and step outside and breathe in the real world before reblogging some faceless blogger who is a human being with the same hopes and insecurities as me?

- Would it be the end of the world if I just scrolled past this and walked away?

- Could I just write my own ideas instead?

"U face has His grace ..Jesus save Alvin"

- A Syriac Orthodox Priest from India just told me this via Facebook
stealing-st-mark asked: What are your views on books like "Heaven is for Real"? I've been reading for English class and I've been skeptical of it's claims.

They’re interesting for their experiences, but I wouldn’t put any theological stock into their claims.  But I mostly find these books…