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Sometimes, I still can’t believe I own  You’d think that with all the Christian websites in the entire world, someone would have bought that domain.  Guess I’m lucky?  Or maybe people don’t want to be poor in spirit?

What is forgiveness?


I still like… have no idea what forgiveness entails tbh. =\  I see it described as simultaneously “not holding something against someone” but also that it doesn’t preclude justice/consequences.

One way I’ve heard it described that I understand is basically giving it up to God to mete out justice as God wishes. But isn’t that, as well as any type of justice, just like “outsourcing” holding the sin against them to God (or the state, if applicable, or others)? (I know you can never really “outsource” something that’s God’s jurisdiction to begin with but the sin is still ultimately being held against them… )

What does it mean to choose to forgive someone? What happens when you do?

I wrote about Forgiveness Sunday here.  Hopefully this helps.

Interviewing Ikons: Helen Rhee


imageDr. Helen Rhee is an Associate Professor of Religous Studies at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA.  She earned her B.A in History at UC Berkeley and her M.Div. and Ph.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. She previously served as pastor of Hana Church (Buena Park, CA) for a number of years.  Dr. Rhee specializes in early Christian history, especially the second and third century Christian literature, focusing on the diverging Christian self- identities in relation to Greco-Roman culture and society. Her first book, Early Christian Literature: Christ and Culture in the Second and Third Centuries (Routledge, 2005), explores the very issue. She is also the author of Loving the Poor, Saving the Rich: Wealth, Poverty, and Early Christian Formation (Baker Academic, 2012), where she examines and analyzes early Christian attitudes toward and practices involving wealth and poverty and how these contributed to shaping Christian identities within larger Greco-Roman and Jewish contexts. Dr. Rhee received the Bruce and Adaline Bare Teacher of the Year Award in Humanities, 2010.

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Very happy to have an interview with Helen Rhee on my main blog.  Read it if you haven’t!

Mission after Christendom: beyond the incarnational-missional paradigm

Andrew Perriman is one of the most interesting New Testament scholars that consistently blogs.  A lot of interesting and excellent posts.

shortbreadsh asked: 14, 23

14:  In what ways has God blessed you recently?
Marriage plans with Aubrey being solidified, new friends, and my current job being a little less stressful.

23:  What are some chapters in the Bible that you recommend period?
Matthew 5-7, always.  Isaiah 55 as well.  I’m a ‘big reader’ (I usually don’t like picking small verses or passages as my ‘favorite’), so I really enjoy the long, beautiful flow to Scripture.